Tuesday, November 28

"Kill You For Fun: The Movie"

Benny says, "Hey, don't."

The Three Shaddowy Figures with Knives disagree. They cut him into pieces and enjoy themselves througoughly.


Virginia Derryberry reaches for the doorknob. Slowly.

Still reaching. What's on the other side? she thinks.

Virginia opens the door, slowly, and there is nothing on the other side except for a book. She walks towards the book, SCARY MUSIC, slowly, step, step, step. She picks up the book opens it to somewhere in the middle and begins to read.

"...chop you into pieces and feed you to your grandmother. With delicious You-Gravy made from your innards." REALLY SCARY MUSIC.

She drops the book and runs away. We zoom in close to see the cover of the book. it reads "Kill You for Fun by Virginia Derryberry"

Body parts are removed. A puppy is put in a blender. Horror is strewn about haphazardly.

"You're the Killer, Virginia!" yells her boyfriend and confidante, King Thackston. They both stand on the edge of a spectacular cliff. There is a semi-truck on fire not too far away and a huge pile of mutilated bodies stacked high, also on fire.

"But the Killer is three Shaddowy Figures. You saw them yourselves."

"Look." King holds up a mirror for Virginia. She screams.

She IS three Shaddowy Figures.

SCARY MUSIC. Virginia Screams.

Roll credits.

The End?

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