Saturday, October 10

Presented here are two of The Big Scary Monster Movies: "Making Friends" and "Lemonade Stand" starting off with a trailer to "Making Friends."

These movies star Nate Niec as The Big Scary Monster, who passed away Oct 6, 2009.

I laugh every time I watch these movies -- Andre and Nate's performances together always make me happy. I am so glad to have this testament to how hilarious and good-natured Nate was. These films highlight his acute sense of the absurdly inapropriate, improvising most of the gags himself.

In his life, Nate was a thoughtful person with a sharp wit and a deep intelligence. He was the best kind of friend and the best kind of person. He will be missed tremendously.

Also Starring my little brother Andre Paraguassu, filmmaker Alex Orr, music by Sirius Bee, camerawork by Josh Fritz and Marvin Evangelista, and costuming by Mary Claire.


missing. said...

So amazing. Thank you so much for posting these.

xTx said...

i'm sorry about nate.