Thursday, October 29

Here are some more stills from my autobiographical work in progress.

This one is from the scene where my dad calls, but I don't want to talk to him. In the background you can see my mom's office from the drawing I posted earlier.

The following picture is a scan from one of my sketchbooks, where the above image was expounded upon.

I think there is something really nice about the basic black and white line drawing, just the three elements of story and character, super minimalist. It's hard for me to move away from that. But I'm also having a really good time making these backgrounds, and playing with color schemes, depth, and researching what kind of stuff we had when I was a kid. I vaguely remember a phone like this, but I think it might have been a rotary.

I've never done a project like this before, where I actually just talk about my personal history rather than masking it with monsters or complete caricature. It's extremely difficult, but so far really rewarding.

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Loretta Paraguassu said...

I've stayed away from the autobiography, too. That period was so painful. I kind of like the black and white better because it doesn't distract from the focus that was you. You caught the expression perfectly. It brings back the heart ache. The phone -- I think it was a rotary. Not sure.