Monday, December 15

This is the five hundred and first entry in the Midnight Mailman Show. I started writing six years ago in 2003, and the fifth sentence I wrote was, "maybe it could be like a tv variety show where i have puppet friends and special guests?"

I'm not sure I like this most recent rendition of the Midnight Mailman here, but it's interesting to see how my drawing skills have come these past several years. Maybe I'll put together a montage image of the different looks the Midnight Mailman has had. Maybe i'll forget and never do it. Either way is good, I think. And some day I'll be really good at drawing.

I've just about finished a new short puppet movie called "The Outer Space Friends Holiday Adventure Movie Spectacular" and I'm very happy with it. It has space exploration, friendship, tragedy, a big dance finale, and an activity kit you can download. We will be posting it to my company's website sometime in the next few days, and I'll add the link here.

And as a special added bonus, here's a drawing of a kitty. His name is Belvedere.


xtx said...

belvedere is adorable. i want one

Fan-O-Mail said...

You are a master craftsman full of delight and wonder.