Sunday, December 7

There is a frog in a pond thinking about a pond with no frog.

I've got a project at work where I need to make a short video using paper cutouts walking around the city doing something. It's somehow part of the holiday gift we're sending our clients. I should shoot it tomorrow or Tuesday, but I don't have a really good idea yet.

There are three of the characters, and they're real boxy. One is a spacetronaught, one is a robot, one is a green monster. I think they'll walk around the city and talk about things that are profound and meaningful. They'll discover the true meaning of the Holiday Season and grow giant and it'll be exciting.

Maybe I'll just shoot a bunch of footage and then edit it to some funny dialogue. Surefire equation for success.

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xtx said...

sounds cool. i wish i could see the finished product