Saturday, July 11

I just found this online, a movie I made when i was a freshman in college, back in 2001. I still love the music by Bradley Bailey, my friend who also did the Mr. Children-for-Hands and Bearplane scores.

there are definitely parts i have to skip over. but this was almost ten years ago, my first and only movie shot on film, black and white, the only movie i made through a class (audited a masters class, so I didn't even get credit). i had just discovered the concept of auditions, and held them extensively. People came scrambling to be in my little student film, it was amazing. one of the scientists from that scientist scene drove all the way from tennessee without knowing what it was about. and i paid no one. i had absolutely no idea what i was doing. and none of the dialogue was scripted. i only wrote the narration, which i ultimately cut.

the amount of effort i put into this thing amazes me now. i still work hard, but there's no enthusiasm like an 18 year old me. i even convinced Arby's, Subway, Papa Johns, and Einstein's bagels to donate craft service.

and now it makes me sad to see my friend Anna Gallaspy tied up with a noose around her neck, when for some reason it didn't bother me at all back then. i just thought i was so brilliant.

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