Thursday, June 7

It's hard to breathe because of the smell.

"Knock yourself out, kid," says the man. "I'll be back in a few minutes to check on you."

Cinder stands staring at the lump of decaying carcass. "Soother? Is that you?" His friend doesn't answer. Things without faces rarely respond when their names are called, as our hero is fast learning.

Despite the stench, Cinder grabs a hug on his corpse friend and cries a little. They had had such great times together.

"Goodbye, Soother," he sniffs. "See you later."

The sun outside burns his eyes. He wipes away his tears and looks up at the man. "I'm ready."

"Hop in then," the door to the van swings open and the pair drives off to meet their destiny at Squiggly Jenny's Packing Plant.

(photo courtesy of Victoria Warren)


xtx said...

i love you so god damn much.

all capital letters to you my friend. and 33 gold stars

jxnx said...

This is unbearably sad and heartrending, or maybe I'm just on my period.

victoooria said...

so his sweet little face ends up wrapped tightly in shrink wrap, next to the worst bbq chicken ever

The Rabbit said...

looks pretty fresh