Wednesday, April 25

"I'm not sleeping over anymore if you buy it," Marta his girlfriend had told him.

The salesman had been very good. "It's cheaper than a TV, and that smell prevents infestations of the home."

"Is it dangerous?"

"Only if it bites you. Or gets on top of you and suffocates you. Otherwise no."

That night, alone in his apartment, Leo had first been bitten, then suffocated by his new purchase. The money he saved from not buying a TV was inherited by his adolescent nephew who spent it on his school lunches over the course of several months.

Nephew also inherited the Stink Monster, but kept it in the basement and never even played with it.


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Brett W. Thompson said...

Totally amazing. I love it. Made me smile. Yet it is horrifying!! Haha, yes!!! :)