Thursday, December 7

"What am I doing with my life?" Lem asks the Ocean Wiggle Monster. "I don't think I'm doing anything with my life at all. Just sitting here all the time."

The Wiggle Monster says "Bloooble blooble blooble!"

"I miss it when I was little and things were easy. I would just sit in this boat and not worry about what else I could be doing, but now I just sit here and worry about it. Maybe I should be designing skyscrapers or learning how to cook really well or exercising a lot more than I do."

"Blooble babble blooble!"

"I guess I'll just eat my sandwich." Lem's sandwich is really illegal narcotics, but no one ever taught him the difference.


Stephanie said...

reminds me of captain bluebear

andre said...

thats truly amazing

fan-o-mail said...

this is okay.