Wednesday, June 2

"I'm so tired," says Howie the little girl. her pet old man head lies on the floor accross from her. They've stayed up late playing games and talking. "But I want to stay up and have more fun with you, Head."

Head agreees that they've had a great time. They played card games and watched a scary movie and it rained for a little while so they ran around in it. They had to be real quiet because Howie's mom and dad would get mad. But rain is so much fun, except that Howie slipped and scratched up her ankle, but she's OK. It just stings.

And now she just takes a deep breath and sucks in that deep marrow of life. The crickets and her bestest friend and an evening well spent.

"Yes," she says. "That was a good movie." And she takes the rotted old head in her arms and curls up next to her bed on the floor.

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